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Aside from the Interstitial Arts Exchange (which is shaping up to be really cool! More details to come!), I've been doing a bunch of other things.

Stone Telling's fourth issue just came out a few days ago, and I got to do another Roundtable interview. Yay! This time the poets I talked to were Amal El-Mohtar, C.W. Johnson, Jeannelle Ferreira, and Valentina Cano. This issue was guest edited by J.C. Runolfson and Shweta Narayan, and they did a fantastic job. So many amazing poems in there! Jeannelle's "Bacab Skerry" has infiltrated my dreams the last couple of nights, which is is really neat, and also really meta.

My awesome friend KJ Kabza just put out a short story collection (he's also got a novelette in the July/August issue of F&SF--woot!), and as a bonus feature for that collection, I did an author interview with him. You can read an excerpt of that interview over here if you like!

And of course, I've been doing plenty of Outer Alliance stuff. The latest podcast episode went up a little over a week ago, and features interviews with [personal profile] neo_prodigy and David Levine. I also got to announce one of my really exciting sekrit projekts in that episode: Kirstyn McDermott and Ian Mond of  The Writer and the Critic will be guests on the OA Podcast in August! Hurray! I love their podcast, so I'm very much looking forward to having them on mine. This week's Spotlight is about other podcasts, like the new all-star SF Squeecast [personal profile] rarelylynne moderates.

And of course, I've been hanging around with my cats, as per usual. Remember how a few Fridays ago, I mentioned that Ophelia loves it when I sing, and jumps in my lap? Well, this morning, I was singing along with Erasure (who have a new album coming out in October! Eee! And I am seeing them in September! Double eee!), and the silly mitten was jumping in my lap constantly. It was so adorable that I ended up documenting it with the laptop's built in camera.

What have you been up to?
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