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Dear My Person,

Thank you for offering to write in one of these obscure fandoms! I will most certainly be thrilled with whatever you come up with, but in case you want extra brainstorming nudges, this letter is for you!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (tv)

Here's what I said on the official thing:

I ask for this every year just in case someone out there really wants to write me a wonderful Sabrina story. I love this universe, and will honestly be thrilled with any story. I know I asked for four specific characters. I love them, and would love to see them having some snappy banter, but I'm also way open to other things.

Use your favorite characters, make up new characters, cross it over with other shows or books or movies, or give me explanations for some of the weird series plotholes (Why does Sabrina have two Junior years? Whatever happened to Jenny?). I will love any of it. Season 1 is my favorite for the geekiness of the writing, but I'd be happy to read about characters from other seasons, too. If you want to include chromatic characters for the Dark Agenda collection, you might consider writing about Albert (the Quizmaster) or Dashiell (what happens to him after he and Sabrina stop seeing each other?) or Aunt Vesta (we really only see her once!), or Dreama, but again, I'll be happy with whatever you choose.

Additional details: I love the ensemble cast, the silliness, and the nerdiness of this show. Although season 1 is my favorite, I have beloved episodes in the other seasons, too, and will seriously be happy with any season you want to write about. Sabrina fans are rare, and I will be delighted to know you're out there at all, honestly.

Big Business (1988)

Here's what I wrote on my official request form:

I love this movie so hard. Two Bette Midlers and two Lily Tomlins! OMG! I don't think any fic of it exists at all, and I would be overcome with glee at any story! I requested the sisters because they are the main characters, but if you would rather not make them the main focus, that's okay, too. I'd love to see anyone else you care to write about. For instance, if you really want to write about a chromatic character, I would be very happy to receive a story about Harlan. I have often wondered why the hell he stuck it out with such difficult bosses for all those years, and what his outside of the job life looks like.

Additional details: I would love anything at all based on this movie, seriously. I have made my family watch it with me so many times that we all know most of the lines. I love silliness and fluff, so you really can't go wrong with that. If you're stuck, and you want a jumping off point (other than the previously mentioned Harlan idea), I'd love a glimpse into the sisters' heads at any point in time. What does Rose Shelton make of Jupiter Hollow (and how does Jupiter Hollow react to the news)? What do they all think of each other? Go with whatever moves you. I will be utterly thrilled.

The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981)

Here's the official request:

This was one of my father's very favorite movies, so I grew up seeing it... but after I was 9 or so, I think our VHS copy vanished. It sort of became a legend in my mind. That kind of thing you remember really vividly in some ways (for instance, my family has a tendency to call superglue Galaxy Glue), but not really very well in others. Now it's available on Netflix, though! So I watched it recently with my partner, and whoa! What a bizarre movie! It's much more feminist than I realized, and I get a lot of the jokes that I definitely didn't back in the 80s. I'm really curious about what happens after the movie ends. We see her growing, but... how does that affect her life and family? And she just brings home a gorilla! And says the family can keep him! How does that work out? Also, Concepcion. Wow, her storyline seems fascinating. I really wonder what on earth she's thinking about everything, and also what her life is like when she's not in the Kramer household. Vance is so caught up in the advertising world, and the movie is so much about consumerism. I'd love to see more weird product pitches and descriptions like the Mike's Macho Meal cereal box that Judith reads in the supermarket scene. Really, anything you want to do with this would be awesome.

Additional details: Um, I think that covers it, really. I will be amazed to read anything in this fandom.

Attack the Block (2011)

Here's the official request:

I would love to know more about Moses. Whether you want to fill in back story, or give interior thoughts during the events of the movie, or follow up on what he does after the movie ends, I'd be super pleased to see it. I would also be happy to see any other characters you feel like writing about. What I loved about this movie was the humor, snappy dialogue, and character development. I squick pretty easily, and I know this one might involve some gore (and that's fine if it's necessary for the story), but I would be most appreciative if you didn't write a giant splatterpunk gorefest just for the sake of reveling in the blood and guts.

Additional details: Okay, so when I say I squick easily? What I mean is that I had to look away and cover my ears whenever the aliens did their attacky bits in this movie. It doesn't stop me from watching and enjoying things with some violence in them, but generally I enjoy them in spite of the gore and not because of it. I also like to watch Criminal Minds, but for the FBI agents, not for the serial killers (I spend a fair amount of time closing my eyes and covering my ears during that, too). Now, if you really want to examine how being in the midst of the alien attack mess and seeing friends die affects the characters, go for it. I'm totally there. But, on the other hand, if you want to focus on other stuff--quiet moments, or aftermath, or just fun banter--I'm all for that.

General likes and dislikes

I love: Silly things, weirdness, geekiness, fluff, kind people, happy endings, witty banter, diversity, feminism

I dislike: Excessive violence and gore (some is okay if is serves the story, but I squick easily), excessive angst (again, if it serves the story, great, but I don't tend to seek out sad stuff for catharsis/comfort the way some people do), any kind of sex that isn't explicitly consensual (really really, please no), racist/sexist/homophobic stuff (again, really, just no).


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