Jun. 5th, 2011

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I woke up on my birthday to a call from my mother. Aww, thanks, Madre! Then Sumana and I went down to the green room to prep for the Imaginary Book Club panel. I wasn't on it, but Sumana said Benjamin Rosenbaum had a video camera and they could use someone to run it. Since Sumana and I had conceived of this panel and brainstormed a lot of the stuff for her proposed book together, I was a natural cameraperson choice. This was probably my favorite panel of the con (and I say this with the knowledge that I was on three other strong panels) because it had a great panelist lineup, wonderful creativity both beforehand and improvised on the spot, excellent moderation (yay moderator!Sumana), and a really great audience. Basically, everyone had fun with this one, and I was super impressed with Ellen Klages and Richard Chwedyk for creating cover art and excerpts for their books. I was also amused when [personal profile] aedifica tuckerized me into her imaginary book as a sparkly purple dragon! Hee! I am hoping the video of this will have turned out all right and be up online eventually so I can see it again and direct you there. If not, I may do more detailed panel notes later, but for now, let us move on!

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After second dinner it was back to the hotel for a quiet group conversation with Jed and Mary Anne and some others. It was lovely, but by the end of it, most of us were starting to fall asleep. I said I would go to bed, but Sumana told me I really needed to stop by the Haiku Earring Party first. I didn't know what that was, but I said all right as long as I could only go for a few minutes. Ha!

The Haiku Earring Party turns out to be a WisCon tradition wherein [livejournal.com profile] elisem makes earrings and gives you a title, you write a haiku, and then with Elise's approval, you keep the earrings in exchange for the words. How cool is that? My earrings had red flowers, clear roundish faceted beads, and red rectangular beads. Elise asked if I had a genre preference, and I said no, and then she sized me up, and, as if she knew my inner soul, asked, "You don't mind if I take this in a very silly direction?" Of course I didn't, which is how I ended up writing this:

The Vampire's Babysitter

Her favorite things
are geraniums and blood
and summer evenings.

I thought the roundish beads looked like stars, you see. And in summer, I bet the babysitter has more time to linger before her shift starts.

Of course as soon as I was done with my earrings, I got caught up in conversation again and then eventually ended up at Cat Valente's The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making launch party. This party was one of the most hopping things on Saturday night, and it was full of amazing performers. S. J. Tucker reprised her earlier concert, and then it sort of turned into an open mic, such that I got to finish my birthday by listening to Liz Argall singing songs she wrote, and Amal singing "Stairs in Her Hair" and then dueting with Claire on a Mister Fox ballad. All while sitting with a lovely group of people including [livejournal.com profile] pattytempleton, and getting birthday wishes from all directions. I couldn't really regret staying up past my intended bedtime for that.

Next up: Sunday, which was my big panel day, and which will certainly require its own entry.


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