Dec. 28th, 2011

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As per usual, I've come at this year's Yuletide collection in an extremely scattered fashion. I've not remotely read most of the stories I'd like to, but I've dipped into things here and there, and I figured I should do a recommendations post now, else I might not get around to doing one ever. This is not comprehensive. It's just a few of the gems I've enjoyed.

Attack the Block

First, the story someone wrote for me:

Give Me Courage Not to Fear No One is a lovely look into the inner life and backstory for Moses. We watched this movie in November with my mother, and I was totally taken with the awesome dialogue and characterization, and I left it wanting to see more of those people, so this was wonderful. This story is like the movie in that it's at times funny, at times moving, and at times bitter and hard. I know that whoever took this on did it at the last minute, so I'm especially grateful that they took care to make something that so clearly took my likes and dislikes into consideration. It's really wonderful.

There were also two other stories in this fandom, and I want to rec them both because they're all really fantastic.

More recs in Attack the Block, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Jem, Love Actually, Misfits, My Drunk Kitchen, Connie Willis's Oxford Time Travel Universe, and Amanda Quick's Arcane Society books )

That's all I've got for now, but I'm enjoying quite a lot of the stories in this year's Yuletide collection, and also having a lot of fun with some of the things I've learned about through the [community profile] eastasianfandomgiftbag community, which is accepting wishlists wish fulfillments through the end of January. I've been stalking the wishes (and so far have even filled one!), and have learned about some awesome new to me things to check out, so I may be back in a while with more recs for either Yuletide or East Asian Fandom Gift Bag stuff. I love seeing people giving things to each other and sharing squeeful times. ♥


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