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Dear My Person,

Thank you for offering to write in one of these obscure fandoms! I will certainly be thrilled with whatever you come up with, but in case you want extra brainstorming nudges, this letter is for you!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (tv)

Here's what I said on the official thing:

I love this show, especially for the interactions between all the residents of the Spellman household. Anything in this world would be awesome, but if you need ideas, how about deleted scenes from season 1? Or some of the backstory about Salem's failed rise to power? Or a Halloween story? I mean everything goes haywire at Halloween over there! Or a Christmas story? Or perhaps something to explain how exactly Sabrina ended up having two junior years? Did it have something to do with the time ball or Hilda's magic clock?

Additional info:

I ask for this every year just in case someone out there really wants to write me a wonderful Sabrina story. I love this universe, and will honestly be thrilled with any story. I know I asked for four specific characters. I love them, and would love to see them having some snappy banter, but I'm also way open to other things.

Use your favorite characters, make up new characters, cross it over with other shows or books or movies, or give me explanations for some of the weird series plotholes (Whatever happened to Jenny?). I will love any of it. Season 1 is my favorite for the geekiness of the writing, but I'd be happy to read about characters from other seasons, too. If you want to include chromatic characters, you might consider writing about Albert (the Quizmaster) or Dashiell (what happens to him after he and Sabrina stop seeing each other?) or Aunt Vesta (we really only see her once!), or Dreama, but again, I'll be happy with whatever you choose.


Here's what I wrote on my official request form:

This was just a lot of fun, wasn't it? I love Miss Charming, and I'd love to see more of these characters whether before, during, or after their stay at the manor. Do they perhaps become lifelong friends? Do they go back for another visit? Does Miss Charming ever find a willing British bloke?

Additional details:

Basically I think Jennifer Coolidge is hilarious, and I love that the two women are friendly and supportive of each other. I like kind people and witty banter and extreme silliness, so I would love to see good natured ridiculousness, or snappy romantic banter, or what have you. There are so many fun possibilities! Do Jane and Nobley perhaps discuss the Austen novels together? And if yes, does Miss Charming try to add her input? Because that sounds like a recipe for hilarity.

H2O: Just Add Water

Here's the official request:

Okay, I have to say Rikki is my hero. I love her. She's totally cool and she knows what she wants and goes after it, and she doesn't take any BS from anyone. I'd love to see more of her. That said, I also love Cleo and Emma, and I'd love to see more of them too. One of the strengths of this show is the friendship between the three main characters. Also, I love how Cleo is a big old nerd who knows all about fish and dresses up as a jellyfish for the beauty pageant. I would be happy to see anything in this world, but if you need ideas, how about something about what actually happened to Emma. She left pretty abruptly. Does she ever come back? Is she still a mermaid? What happens to all of them after the end of the show? Do Cleo and Lewis ever get together for real? What happens to Rikki (please let it be something awesome!)?

Additional details:

I will be happy with anything in this fandom, but I also want to throw this one wide open. There seems like SO MUCH crossover potential here. Mermaids + Sabrina? Harry Potter? Twilight? I just have no idea. I know that the Mermaid actors went on to do The Vampire Diaries, but I am unfamiliar with that universe, so if you decide to use it, you'll have to make sure everything from it is understandable to someone who's never seen it. That said, I basically imagine the crack potential here is SUPER high, and I welcome that! OMG, I just thought of something: Mermaids + Outlander! How would that even work? Is the mermaid pool also a time portal? Seriously anything goes. Just please make it fun and fluffy, because I am really hoping for a non-angsty Yuletide if at all possible.

General likes and dislikes

I love: Silly things, weirdness, geekiness, fluff, kind people, strong friendships, happy endings, witty banter, diversity, feminism

I dislike: Excessive violence and gore (some is okay if is serves the story, but I squick easily), excessive angst (again, if it serves the story, great, but I don't tend to seek out sad stuff for catharsis/comfort the way some people do), any kind of sex that isn't explicitly consensual (really really, please no), racist/sexist/homophobic stuff (again, really, just no).
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As per usual, I've come at this year's Yuletide collection in an extremely scattered fashion. I've not remotely read most of the stories I'd like to, but I've dipped into things here and there, and I figured I should do a recommendations post now, else I might not get around to doing one ever. This is not comprehensive. It's just a few of the gems I've enjoyed.

Attack the Block

First, the story someone wrote for me:

Give Me Courage Not to Fear No One is a lovely look into the inner life and backstory for Moses. We watched this movie in November with my mother, and I was totally taken with the awesome dialogue and characterization, and I left it wanting to see more of those people, so this was wonderful. This story is like the movie in that it's at times funny, at times moving, and at times bitter and hard. I know that whoever took this on did it at the last minute, so I'm especially grateful that they took care to make something that so clearly took my likes and dislikes into consideration. It's really wonderful.

There were also two other stories in this fandom, and I want to rec them both because they're all really fantastic.

More recs in Attack the Block, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Jem, Love Actually, Misfits, My Drunk Kitchen, Connie Willis's Oxford Time Travel Universe, and Amanda Quick's Arcane Society books )

That's all I've got for now, but I'm enjoying quite a lot of the stories in this year's Yuletide collection, and also having a lot of fun with some of the things I've learned about through the [community profile] eastasianfandomgiftbag community, which is accepting wishlists wish fulfillments through the end of January. I've been stalking the wishes (and so far have even filled one!), and have learned about some awesome new to me things to check out, so I may be back in a while with more recs for either Yuletide or East Asian Fandom Gift Bag stuff. I love seeing people giving things to each other and sharing squeeful times. ♥


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